"Я не фанат групп, я поклонник их творчества"(c)
Хороший текст про роль книг с

~Role of books~
Every time we read a book it teaches us and opens its heart for us. We learn something from each page of a good book. Books make the world much larger for us. They can take us into space or make us think about very serious problems. All of us remember their first books from childhood. They were a lot of pictures on every page and we wanted so much to go there. So books are the way of perception of the world. It is a pity, but now it is no more popular to read books because of Internet and different electronic gadgets. But no other source of information can give you such strong feeling of belonging to the each step and thought of the heroes as a book. And you can feel as a hero because you know what is going on in his heart. Sometimes we read for laughing, sometimes for tears and sometimes just to relax and forget about everything in the world. It is a magic of books to make us feel different emotions by simple words that go deep into our soul and have a great impact on our characters. We are influenced by good examples, they form our moral values and make us to realize who we are.
Books give food for our mind and warmth for our soul. We should read more books as they are the source of knowledge and only knowledge can make us strong, intellectual and well-educated.

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